Friday, November 30, 2012

Printer's Tray

My 3 yr old daughter LOVES helping in the kitchen.  Last year her 'help' slowed me down a lot, but this year she has so many little skills down pat that she's a brillant help.  Baking is our favourite thing to do, but peeling carrots and potatoes for soup seems to be a close second.
This was the first printer's tray I've ever done, and the hardest thing was exercising restraint.  I wanted to use all the colors in the collection (Carta Bella Traditions) and do something completely different in every box, but it was too busy.  I'm still tweaking, but it's close! 
The bow is tied with may arts chevron ribbon, I'm absolutely addicted to the stuff.  So if you haven't tried decorating a painter's tray, I strongly recommend taking the plunge.  This one was just $7.50 during one of Hobby Lobby's 50% off sales.  For more details on how I did mine, check out my igram (instructagram) here.