Sunday, April 22, 2012

Eating to lose weight!

I've just embarked on the arduous journey of weight loss, and I've found my most helpful friend in this task is ... FOOD.  I know, seems counter intuitive, but I find if I make really good food, then I don't mind the deprivation of doughnuts or cookies or other minions of the fattening world.  Pinterest is an evil temptress with all the mouth watering pics of flourless chocolate tarts, and gorgeous homemade breads.  However, she can also be a staunch supporter, with delectable salads, and sumptuous seafood.  Today I made cilantro lime shrimp with a pear gorgonzola salad.  I followed the shrimp recipe exactly, but made my own vinagrette for the salad.  I'll share that on some future post because it's beyond amazing and would make even cardboard taste good.  I think the entire meal took 15 minutes to make and less than three to eat.  It was so delicious I inhaled time, I'll slow down and savor every bite.  See here and here for the original pins I followed.