Thursday, May 3, 2012

Craft Room!

We've recently moved from a condo to a house; and for the first time ever I have a designated craft room!  Ahh, the space...the luxury of not feeling cramped and cluttered.  One day, as I was strolling through Home Goods, a colorful painting caught the corner of my eye.  A quick double-take confirmed the perfect platform from which to draw the inspiration for the rest of my room.  Bright and fresh it boasted a mix of creams, pinks and greens.  I bought it immediately (How could I not? It was $14.99) and my hobby room, or ' the studio' as I call it during my more lofty moments, took off.  A brilliant lady I met online, Jasmine Ford, gave me advice, on how to organize all the cluttery paraphenalia which go along with crafting; and my dream was born.  A serene yet vibrant oasis in which I can betake myself during the few quiet moments of the day, and shed the routine by jumping into a new creative adventure of my choosing.  I love when one's only limit is one's imagination.  Fly and soar, or float and meander,'s all a welcome journey that refreshes us for the daily grind ahead. 
 I wanted the room to be femine and pretty, so I searched high and low for a French provincial desk.  Well, guess what...they're expensive!  So instead I bought this modern reproduction.  It's huge, roughly five feet by three feet, and when I have a project going, I use every inch of available space...even the pull out shelves above the drawers!

These shallow shelves are from IKEA.  I think they may have discontinued them, but I'm sure they have others quite similar.  They're fantastic for holding small colorful items, and I change out the items on the top shelf every so often.  Scrapbook paper is so pretty, it's almost like having art on display.  (Though the splatter painting is bona fide art by my two year old, it's another idea off pinterest.)

This shelf is my favourite because it has the bird painting which inspired it all.  Isn't it gorgeous?  I also found a green and orange bird tile at Michael's (or was it Hobby Lobby?) for just a dollar. I keep meaning to put it elsewhere in the room, but for now they're together.  The bookshelf below also needs a little help.  It's a work in progress.  An interior designer I am NOT, but little by little, trial and error goes finding a pleasing combination. 
I found the pink tiered stand at TJMaxx, and use it to hold small ribbons, baubles, and flowers. Usually relating to projects I'll be starting in the near future. I'm completely obsessed with three tiered stands, especially since they're all over Pinterest.  I want to make a few, but I'm running out of places to put them.  I've since purchased a larger stand and I'll probably switch it out for the pink one so I can hold more accessories instead of only current project ones.  The little box is empty, and that makes me happy because it means my crafty supplies have room to grow.  :)  The shadow box with buttons was a handmade gift by a friend, isn't  it pretty?  So colorful and happy.  Such a sweet message too.  Thanks Casey!
Originally the room was just a plain square.  I sketched a rough outline of what I wanted and my FIL built in the window seat and shelves.  The seat has storage within and it's where I keep my sewing machine and other bulky items.

This is my view as I paint, scrap, sew and sketch.  It's my happy place :)