Saturday, May 19, 2012

Design Team Tryouts Part 2

My second project for the tryouts was my favourite, because I've never done an altered book before.  I've never highlighted or even dog-eared a book page before...books, and especially hardcovers, are pretty sacred to me.  So when I decided on this project, I couldn't bring myself to desecrate any of my own books...I went to the library and bought one of their old books (50 cents to a dollar for any book, great deal).  It was the story of how a little boy saved Cleveland.  I couldn't help but skim through the entire book before setting about to alter it.

First I covered the book in MME Stella and Rose paper, I believe it was the Gertie collection, and used some of the embellishments that coordinated with the paper.  Luckily sold it all in one package, the paper, embellishments, ribbons, lace trim, etc.  Made it SO easy.

I have faux library cards lying around, and since the book started life in the library, I felt it was an appropriate embellishment.  It states that my daughter 'checked out' my heart on the day of her birth, and never returned it.  :)

Inside the front cover I wanted to mention my husband, because after all, he was instrumental in bringing our little girl about.  I distressed and stamped a plain little manilla folder to make it look old.  I also pleated and edge punched the first page of the book and tied it out of the way with a ribbon.

 I used an exacto knife to cut out sections of pages.  There was no method to it, just randomly opened the book to different sections and cut with the exacto as close to the center as possible.  I pressed firmly so that several pages would cut out at one time, then I'd move on to the next section. Then I went through distressing the pages and randomly stamping images onto the background.  Below is my favourite page because it holds a sweet pic of my daughter and I when she was two weeks old.  I trimmed the bottom with lace from the collection.
When I'd thinned it out enough, I started sewing 'pocket' pages using the WRM Sew Easy tool. This tool punches the holes through paper so that you can easily thread

Then I simply cut out photo mats and pennants and such and decorated the pages in a casual way without over thinking it.
I was surprised by how quick and easy this project was and highly recommend it to anyone who finds cheap hardcovers at libraries or yard sales.  It could also be done with vibrant colors, or in a graffiti style, and have a completely different vibe. 
 Enjoy the possibilities!