Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Album for Baby Wyatt

I have a wonderful friend, Casey, who recently gave birth to a lovely baby boy named Wyatt.  He has CDH, to say it's been tough is an understatement. Fortunately, he's a trooper, and his parents are going through this journey with amazing Faith and courage.  To read more of their story, visit Casey's blog.
Making a baby album was quite challenging because she didn't want the normal "prissy baby" stuff.  So I went for a fun and classic look that I hope will weather well over time.  :)

Inside of the front cover and first page.  
Thank goodness 'Wyatt' has five letters, I feel banners always look better with odd numbers.

 'Miracle' pretty much encapsulates his story.
 One thing both his parents effuse is their love for each other and Wyatt.
Their story is amazing and worth sharing.
Even though they're going through stress, they still find joy in God and life, so I made a couple of double layouts to celebrate that. 

 These pages are all about Wyatt.
 I wanted to give them lots of photo space, so the far page has three 4x6 spaces in a row and one to the side, and the closer page has a 5x7 space.
 The final page and inside of back cover...squeezing in as many photo mats as possible!
 Thanks for looking and please keep Casey, her husband James, and their baby Wyatt in your prayers.