Friday, September 21, 2012


Scene in a Jar

My sweet daughter potty trained far too early and far too quickly, consequently I only have one good ‘diaper butt’swimsuit pic of her. For some inexplicable reason, I find it super cute and I’ve wanted to do something special with it.  Then I saw something similar on Pinterest and thought 'Why not do that with a photo, and have it be a dimensional layout?'  As soon as the idea popped in my head, I knew I had to do it.
Only three items required: a jar, sand, and a paper line with lots of elements.  Cut the elements you plan to use out of the cardstock.  Then play with them and lay them out experimentally until you find a pleasing arrangement.

Measure the inside of your jar and add a third to half an inch of sand at the bottom.

Cut your elements down to the inner length of the jar. (In my case it was four inches.)
And finally arrange your layers in the jar by sticking them in the sand. You may find space to add more elements, like the red fish I fussy cut and propped up on waves, or take away something, like the banner which was too busy.
Even though I didn’t use the banner, let me tell you how I adhered it to the ‘ceiling’ of the jar, in case you have elements you’d like to hang. First I ran a strip of snaketape onto my craft mat, then I rolled it with my finger and made a skinny glob (technical term).
It’s so strong, the slender glob held the banner up, and yet was easily repositionable too. I might go back in and hang a sun using the same method. Still debating it.

This project came together quickly and easily, but the best part was watching my husband and daughter’s reaction. They LOVED it, and suddenly inspiration struck! I could make another scene with her Alice in Wonderland costume, and she could be standing next to the mushroom and the caterpillar.  Now I just need to find the paper.  :)